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Welcome to Highland Hops and Vines. Our site
is very interactive. We offer a full events calendar so you'll be able to see all our upcoming events. There is also a full chat
board where you can discuss wine, beer or anything else. It's a great way to share reviews of items you've bought and talk about
vacations you've took to wineries or breweries. There is even a customer request section,
so fill out the form and we'll find what you need.

Upcoming Events

January 10, 2015
Saturday Wine Tasting
The weekend is here and that means its wine tasting time. We are pouring 4 red wines for
the weekend. Last week we did Cabs from California so this weekend we are doing some reds from outside of the US.

Nobilo Pinot Noir - $18.99 (Save $6)
Evolution Carmenere - $9.99
Don Silvestre Malbec - $9.99
Serbal Malbec - $14.99

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News & Info

It's Official. Our shop is a Winner of the Best of the East from Living Well and Cleveland Magazine. Thank you to all our customers that came to the event and voted for us.